L&T Mutual Fund Common Application Form Download

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L&T Mutual Fund Common Application Form Download

Mutual funds are a popular way to invest and reach financial goals. L&T Mutual Fund is one of the most trusted mutual funds. L&T Mutual Fund need a CAF to invest. This page explains how to obtain the L&T Mutual Fund CAF and its importance.

L&T Mutual Fund Introduction

L&T Mutual Fund is a top Indian asset manager. L&T Mutual Fund has a history of steady returns and a wide choice of funds to meet investors’ different investing needs. The corporation prioritizes risk management and long-term investor value.

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What’s a CAF?

Mutual fund companies provide a Common Application Form (CAF) to simplify investment. It invests in various mutual fund schemes from the same asset management organization. The CAF collects personal, investment, and bank account data for investment.

CAF importance

The CAF is essential to investing in L&T Mutual Fund. It accurately records investor information so the fund house can deliver essential information and changes. The CAF legally verifies the investor’s identification and investing preferences.

Downloading L&T Mutual Fund CAF

L&T Mutual Fund CAF download is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to L&T Mutual Fund’s website.
  2. Select “Downloads” or “Forms”. or Click here to download
  3. Find the “Common Application Form” or “CAF” option.
  4. Download by clicking the link.
  5. Save the form.

Step-by-step CAF filling guide

  1. Review the CAF instructions.
  2. Provide correct name, address, and contact information.
  3. Enter your bank account for investments and redemptions.
  4. Select L&T Mutual Fund investment strategies.
  5. Indicate your investment or unit purchase.
    Declare your mutual fund investments.
  6. Sign the form where indicated to verify the information.

Important details

Fill out the CAF with the following information:

  • Name, address, and contact information
  • Account number and IFSC code
  • PAN
  • Investment amount/units
  • Mutual fund holdings

Noteworthy points

  • Before submitting the CAF, verify all information.
  • Check the information against the supporting documentation.
  • Before signing, read the instructions.
  • Keep the completed CAF for future reference.

CAF submission

Submit the CAF using the following methods:

  1. Online submission: Some mutual fund firms allow CAF submission via their websites. For this option, see L&T Mutual Fund.
  2. Physical submission: Print and submit the completed CAF at the nearest L&T Mutual Fund branch office or investor service center.

Documents needed

Include these documents with the CAF:

  • Self-attested copy of your PAN card – L&T Mutual Fund-specified KYC documents (e.g., identification evidence, address proof)


Download and complete the L&T Mutual Fund Common Application Form to start investing with a reputable mutual fund provider. Giving precise information and following instructions ensures a smooth investing procedure. Keep the completed CAF for future reference and enjoy L&T Mutual Fund’s prospective benefits.


Can I buy L&T Mutual Fund online?

L&T Mutual Fund offers online investments via their website or mobile app.

Is CAF download free?

Yes, downloading the CAF from the L&T Mutual Fund website is free.

Can I edit the CAF after submission?

You cannot edit the CAF after submission. Thus, the form must be reviewed before submission.

How long is CAF processing?

The CAF processing time depends on elements including information accuracy and mutual fund business workload. CAF processing takes several business days.

Can CAFs invest in numerous funds?

The Common Application Form lets you invest in several L&T Mutual Fund funds. Fill out the form and specify your investment schemes.

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