Penny stocks India- with high returns- This stock can make you a Millionaire- All Important Information.

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penny stocks India with high returns,100% Technical Analysis .


Hello friends, if you are looking to invest in Stock market and want to earn profit by investing less amount then please stay here in this article. I will let you know a few penny stocks whose price is under Rs. 100 and have a potential to be a multi-bagger in the very near future. In this article i will tell you about one penny stock which you should buy today itself. I am bringing this stock to you after a detailed research and analysis.

HBL Power Systems Ltd- penny stocks India

Share Price

Stock price: HBLPOWER (NSE)
₹97.00 (+4.41%)
4 Oct, 3:30 pm IST

About the company

HBL Business Units:

penny stocks India

This companies various business units are in – Batteries, electronics, emobility, defense, spun concrete, battery energy storage systems.

HBL Clients:

penny stocks India

HBL provides batteries to industries like- Telecom, Data center, power companies, engine cranking companies, Oil & gas companies, Railways, Aviation, Renewable energy companies, e-mobility companies.

This company is the leader in making Batteries and DC systems in India at a large scale. They have more than 30 years of experience in Battery designing and manufacturing. It provides high quality batteries to Indian railways and defense and other businesses.

This company manufactures different types of batteries.

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Products Range:

Batteries – Nickel Cadmium, Lead Acid, Lithium and Silver Zinc

Electronics – Railway Electronics, Defense Electronics and Thyristor control Rectifiers

Others – Anti Infra Red Coating


  • HBL Rail – HBLRAIL is the approved vendor of Indian Railway to provide them with batteries and they are associated with Indian railways for two decades. It provides training simulators, data loggers, audio frequency track circuit, collision avoidance supply system to railways.
  • HBL Microwave – HBL Microwave division focusses on providing electronic equipment’s to the defense forces in India.
  • HBL Batteries- divisions work is to deign and develop batteries for the industries.

The company has global presence in 80 + countries and has generated an revenue of 18 % from the international subsidiaries.

Stock Fundamental

penny stocks India
  • Its a small cap company with market Capitalization of Rs. 2771 Cr.
  • Return on equity is 10.4 %.
  • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) is 13.4 % which is average
  • The debt on the company is 62.6 Cr.
  • But the Annual profit if 93.7 Cr.
  • The Debt is less than the Annual profit, so this company can be considered as debt free.

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penny stocks India
  • This company also has a free cash flow of 41.1 Cr.
  • The Earning per share (EPS) is Rs. 3.39
  • Its promoters have a holding of 59 % which is considered as good.

Stock Financial Analysis


penny stocks India

The revenue in 2018 was Rs. 1634 cr., which reduced to Rs. 912 Cr. in 2021, but has increased to Rs. 1236 Cr. till now. The revenue is almost consistent with few ups and downs.


penny stocks India

The profit has increased from Rs. 31.63 Cr. in 2018 to Rs. 93.90 cr in 2022. This is a very good indication as the company has made good profits consistently in the past and is making good profits in 2022.

Net Worth

penny stocks India

The net worth of the company is consistent in the range of 752 Cr. to 866 Cr. from 2018 to 2022


This companies financials and fundamentals are good and this company has a good potential in the future and hence this penny stock can be bought for a good return in the future.

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