9-1-1: Lone Star Boss on Season 3 Finale Twists, Including That Long-Awaited Moment: 'It Felt Like the Right Time'

Monday’s 9-1-1: Lone Star finale just gave the 126 plenty of reasons to celebrate.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Tim Minear about the episode’s biggest surprises, including how some of them will affect the show’s just-ordered fourth season.

Everyone you care about survived. Poor Judd re-broke his leg. But the dangerous rescue (coupled with the possible return of his cancer) triggered a vision quest for Owen, who stared down the ghosts of his past and gained a new lease on life.

Lastly, an emotional T.K, faced with his father’s mortality, and woke Carlos up in the middle of the night to propose… and he said yes!

The finale was no picnic for Owen, who once again found himself haunted by the ghosts of 9/11.The final shot of the episode found Owen putting away the piece of the World Trade Center that he’d been keeping in his office.

With a Clean Bill of Health, Owen Moves Forward “What I didn’t want to say is that he’s forgetting about 9/11,” Minear explains. “He talks to the representation of the ghost of that day, which is Manny, who asks him, ‘Why are you keeping that thing like a holy relic?’ He needs to find a balance. He can’t forget it, but he can’t keep living in it, either.

Catherine Almost Appeared in the Finale Owen received a “thinking of you” card from Catherine in the hospital, but if Minear had his way, Amy Acker would have had a larger presence in the finale.

Part of the 'Tarlos' Proposal Was Improvised: Minear had “a couple of different endgames” for the couple this season, not wanting a proposal to feel “rushed.” But as the events of the season unfolded, “it felt like the right time.” He admits, “If you had asked me at the beginning of this season if I thought they were going to get engaged, I probably would have said no.”

Here's Where Tommy and Julius Stand “There was a lot of debate about this one,” Minear says of Tommy and Julius’ polarizing relationship. “I know the audience is incredibly ambivalent about it. Gina [Torres] and I were both ambivalent about it at first. But if you think about it, she’s not betraying anybody. Charles is dead.

9-1-1: Lone Star Boss on Season 3 Finale Twists

Mateo and Nancy's Secret Origins, Revealed! While we’re talking about happy couples, let’s take a minute to address Mateo and Nancy, the show’s newest lovebirds. (Step aside, #Tarlos!)

Their relationship became apparent towards the end of the season, but according to Minear, that wasn’t originally how it was supposed to happen.