A Google engineer thinks its AI has become sentient, which seems... fine

Neither Cyberdyne Systems nor TriOptimum Corporation could be reached for comment

According to a fresh revelation in the Washington Post(opens in new tab), a Google engineer believes that LaMDA,

A chatbot that uses natural language has developed sentience.

Naturally, this means it's time for us all to bemoan the fact that a sentient AI is absolutely,

Definitely going to get control of armament, take over the internet, and murder or enslave us all in the process.

Google developer Blake Lemoine has been placed on paid administrative leave.

 Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics, it lead him "down the rabbit hole" of believing it was sentient.

LaMDA's reasoning led it to claim that, while being unpaid, it was not a slave because it didn't require money.

He was told there was no evidence that LaMDA was sentient (and plenty of evidence to the contrary)."

He story serves as a sobering reminder of how persuasive natural language interface machine learning

"We now have devices that can generate words without thinking," says the researcher.