AEW Fans Love "Wild Thing" Playing Throughout the Anarchy in the Arena Match

The most tumultuous match of the AEW's Double or Nothing event lived up to its moniker.

Anarchy in the Arena, a spin-off of Stadium Stampede, was advertised as a five-on-five bloodbath, and it was exactly that.

The Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz bout is sure to have many unforgettable moments, but one that has fans online buzzing came right at the start.

When the battle began, Moxley's beloved entrance song, "Wild Thing," continued to play.

The event began with what felt like a full-fledged bar brawl, as an old school rock song blared over the loud speakers and the ten men proceeded to hit each other all over the place. Fans in the arena and on the internet were going insane.

They appeared to be content to let "Wild Thing" run its course at first. When the music stopped, though, it simply restarted and the party continued. The music continued to play until Jericho approached and destroyed the sound equipment.

With all of the stars in the arena, "Wild Thing" took the show right away to get the bout started. Check out some of the finest reactions here!

I'm all in for WILD THING to play throughout the entirety of the match, btw #AEWDoN — Maggie (@Maggie_IK)

I wouldn't mind them keeping the music on for the whole fight ahhahaha #AEWDoN OH MAN THEY ARE HAAHHAHAGAGAG — Denise 'Hollywood It Girl' Salcedo (@_denisesalcedo)

Wild Thing still blasting in the arena while they’re all fighting is CINEMA. #AEWDoubleOrNothing — TranquiloClubYT (@TranquiloClubYT)

THEY STARTED WILD THING AGAIN WHEN IT ENDED YESSSSSSS THIS IS MADNESS AND I FN LOVE IT! I never want to watch another Blackpool Combat Club match without Wild Thing playing. — Melissa (@melissax1125)