Hardy had a BAC of.294 when he was arrested early Monday morning, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

According to police documents acquired by TMZ Sports, authorities pulled down Hardy after saying he was driving erratically on Volusia County roadways in a white Dodge Charger.

According to the records, police received four calls about the Charger's "bad driving style."

The vehicle was "driving far below the speed limit, swerving across travel lanes, and running off the shoulder of the roadway" when cops eventually caught up with it

The 44-year-old wrestler "looked to be in a daze and bewildered" during the stop, according to cops.

Officers said that when they eventually got Hardy out of his car, he smelled like booze

Showed various indicators of intoxication during field sobriety tests.

They arrested him on the spot, and when they returned to the station

Two of his breath tests revealed BAC readings of.294 and.291, according to police. In Florida, the legal limit is.08.

Hardy's licence was also suspended as a result of his two previous DUI offences, according to the documents.

They further mentioned that he "had a driving limitation that required him to have an interlock device in his vehicle," which his Charger allegedly lacked.