After Years Of Hype, The Xbox Game Pass Burnout Is Here

When Game Pass becomes popular, it's usually because it scored a great game or because some influencers invented a viral "joke"

Essentially gives a $2 trillion corporation two days of free promotion.

However, Microsoft's games-on-demand offering has recently become popular for another reason.

Players say they're cancelling their subscriptions.

Subscribers complaining that Game Pass isn't delivering on its value proposition are largely to blame for the burnout.

Game Pass gives you access to a Netflix-style library of games that you can download to your Xbox or PC for a monthly price .

The key selling point, though, is that every first-party Microsoft game will be included in the library from launch, giving customers free access to Microsoft's acclaimed first-party

Bethesda, which is now officially one of Xbox's first-party studios after an industry-shaking acquisition in 2021

 Postponed two of its most anticipated titles earlier this month: the space RPG Starfield and the vampire shooter Redfall

Both were supposed to be available on Game Pass from the start this year. 

However, many titles have yet to obtain release dates, ranging from the Limbo-like Somerville to the Fallout-like Atomic Heart to the Outer Worlds-like Outer Worlds 2.