Austin Butler performs a song in the new 'Elvis' biopic

Playing Elvis Presley is a very tough challenge.

There are millions of loving, and protective fans who will watch and critique every visuals represented in the film.

Numerous actors have tried to play the king's role on both the big and small screen in their own way.

Some of the names who played Elvis are Don Johnson in the 1981 film "Elvis and the Beauty Queen," Michael Shannon in the 2016 film "Elvis and Nixon," and David Keith in the 1988 film "Heartbreak Hotel."

Kurt Russell's portrayal of the King in "Elvis," a 1979 TV movie directed by John Carpenter, has received the most praise to date.

Austin Butler, a 30-year-old actor best known for playing Charles Manson follower Tex Watson in "Once Upon a Time... Hollywood," has now starred in the film "Elvis," and he's just hit the ball out of the park.

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, and acclaimed writer/director Baz Luhrmann's stunning visual appeal further raise the bar for the movie.

Butler worked with a movement coach to perfectly imitate Presley's on-stage mannerisms, kicks, karate chops, and other moves.

He has played the King's role so perfectly that it is almost scary.

Sometimes he can be sexy and confident at a moment, but the same time, he can also be vulnerable.

Additionally, Butler performs some original covers of early Elvis Presley songs with Elvis voice mixed.