Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Vomit in the Shower

Scarlett asks Ashley if she’s single, and Ashley responds, “I don’t know to answer that,” when, in reality, she is single as a Pringle. Weird.

While in the cab on the way to dinner, Barnaby brings up Gary and Ashley’s “shag.” Gary replies that he did not shag her. Daisy then says, “Yes, you did!” and Gary denies it again.

Meanwhile, in the other cab, Marcos asks Ashley, “You have sex with Gary?” She says, “Did I?” Scarlett seems shocked!

Back to cab No. 1. Daisy: “He dipped it in and out.” Gary: “That’s like if you take an ice cream and you lick it — did you eat the ice cream? No!” Daisy argues that yes, the calories still count. In this specific ice-cream example, though, I side with Gary. Licking an ice cream ⧣ eating an ice cream.

The cabs arrive at their destinations! Ashley pulls Kelsie aside and confides that she’s pretty sure Scarlett doesn’t trust her after finding out she “fucked” Gary.

Kelsie tells her their cab was also discussing the hookup and Gary denied it.

Ashley calls him a shithead. In her confessional, she suggests Gary is ashamed of her.

This suggestion exhausts me. Perhaps Gary is ashamed of her! It’s obvious he’s tired of her.

But Ashley doesn’t acknowledge he was blacked out and she wasn’t.

Maybe denying the hookup is Gary’s way of coping with maybe feeling as if he was taken advantage of.

The situation only escalates at dinner. Ashley orders an espresso martini immediately upon sitting down — and pairs it with a tequila shot — which is a clear signal: Buckle the fuck up; what you’re about to watch will be painful.