Better Call Saul delivers a crushing midseason finale

"Plan And Execution" is the most complete portrait of Howard Hamlin to date.

He's haughty and privileged, yet he's also responsible for a law company.

From the start, Better Call Saul has been about the long game.

Because Lalo has been chasing individuals who have mistreated him and his family for a long time.

While fitting the silencer on his gun, Lalo adds that he's only there to speak with his lawyers.

Howard is urged to turn around and leave, something Lalo would not have permitted, but before anybody can intervene, Lalo points his gun at Howard's head and pulls the trigger.

Kim Wexler puts her entire being on the line to punish an ex-colleague she despises.

Kim is finally being recognised for what she is capable of.

But now she realises that what she and Jimmy have done has wiped away all those glistening feelings.

Kudos to writer and director Thomas Schnauz for a beautifully crafted episode that showcased the conclusion of Kim and Jimmy's sophisticated scheme against Howard, Lalo's undercover sewer surveillance of Gus' superlab and security detail, and Howard's tragic end.

It leaves us with a cliffhanger worthy of a midseason finale, which will, luckily, be resolved when the show returns in July for its final six episodes.