Boris Johnson remains UK Prime Minister  But may be for limited days only

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, survived a no-confidence vote on Monday.

Nearly 40% of his own Conservative Party members voted to remove him.

On Monday, 211 members of parliament voted to keep Johnson in office

148 members said they did not have confidence in him.

While this is a win for Johnson in some ways.

The number of people who oppose him is significantly larger than most observers predicted.

Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May, survived a no-confidence vote in December 2018, in which 117 Conservative Party MPs voted against her.

She stepped aside in July of the following year, after her party suffered setbacks in European legislative elections.

Johnson has just  become the first sitting prime minister to be found guilty of breaking the covid law.

Johnson has often got himself out of a lot of sticky circumstances by using his wit, charm, and distractions.

He's known as the Teflon politician of the United Kingdom, but his handling of COVID may finally stick.