Camila Cabello fulfills 'bucket list' ambition at Champions League Final

Camila is looking forward to her first-ever game at the Stade de France in Paris on Saturday

When she will perform at the opening ceremony before the soccer match between Liverpool and Real Madrid (05.28.22).

"A few of hours ago I was feeling nervous, but now I'm feeling extremely happy," Camila, who rose to stardom as a member of Fifth Harmony, said.

Because I was thinking to myself, "Everyone in Europe is watching, and I enjoy being here."

"I mean, something that I love about soccer fans is the amount of joy and intensity and passion, like that energy that you feel. I've always wanted to go to a soccer game

 I'm not just saying that because I'm here, it is something I've always wanted to cross off my bucket list.

Going to a soccer game has always been a dream of mine.

It's not only because I'm here that I'm saying this; it's something I've always wanted to do.

Camila also admitted that soccer is the only sport she understands completely.

"Soccer is by far my favourite sport, and I have always really wanted to attend to a game," the 'Bam Bam' hitmaker, whose pre-game performance will be watched by a global TV audience, told