Commercial Loan Truerate Services and associated issues in detail

When you search for commercial loan services today, one of the first results you'll see is Commercial Loan Truerate Services.

The corporation is making headlines because it has arranged 42 millions for the refinancing for Reunion Resort, which is located in Metro Orlando, Florida.

Trawler Capital provided a $8 million mezzanine loan and Hillcrest Finance provided a $34 million loan as part of the 42 million dollar transaction. This loan falls under the category of commercial real estate loan and is provided by Commercial Loan Truerate Services.

Olive Tree started it as a tech-enabled debt marketplace to make commercial real estate finance easier.

CommTruerate's services are now used by a number of well-known firms, including insurance companies. Lenders and debtors can trade goods and services on the company's platform.ercial Loan Truerate Services and associated issues in detail

Truerate Services Team DAN GORCZYCKI: Managing Director COOPER RAMSEY: Vice President – Strategy & Production  PETER STOBIERSKI: Production Associate – Debt Capital Markets

Commercial Loan Truerate Services give loans in mainly two segments:- i. In Property Segment ii. In Transaction Segment

In Property Segment they finance loans for:- i) Industrial Loans ii) Hospitality Financing iii) Office Financing

In Transaction Segment there are two types of loans provided:- i) Acquisition Financing ii) CMBS Loans

Additional Services Provided by Commercial Loan Truerate Services are:- It provides capital market guidance. While arranging debt, the organisation also organises equity. tion.

It also provides partnership services by allowing the general public to lend money through its platform. Before financing, the company conducts all necessary investigations