'Confederate Memorial Day' Still Celebrated in These Three States

State offices in South Carolina were closed Tuesday to observe Confederate Memorial Day

an official state holiday honored every year on May 10.

South Carolina is one of three Southern states that still have an annual Confederate Memorial Day

Despite some pushback and even challenges from lawmakers aimed at erasing the observances

Those challenges against the holidays in all three states have so far been unsuccessful.

Alabama's official holiday schedule for 2022 shows that the state observed Confederate Memorial Day late last month

The exact date may vary by the year because Alabama chooses to commemorate the day on the fourth Monday in April.

On the day, state offices and courts are closed

while schools, but city and county offices and federal services and buildings do not

Alabama's state holiday schedule shows that it observes the birthdays of Jefferson Davis

According to Mississippi's holiday schedule, the state celebrates Confederate Memorial Day on the last Monday in April.