Dana Brooke references James Ellsworth in WWE Raw segment with Carmella

During a backstage segment on WWE Raw, R-Truth told Dana Brooke that he wants his 24/7 Championship back.

Brooke ran off and then bumped into Carmella, who was looking into a mirror.

Carmella called Brooke a sorry excuse for a competitor and a sorry excuse for a wife.

Corey Graves said that Dana Brooke might need to “cut her losses” as he implied that her time in WWE hasn’t been successful. That was followed by him saying that she “hasn’t accomplished much of anything.”

Brooke fired back with an Instagram story. She obviously watched her match back and heard what the Savior of Misbehavior said about her on commentary. That was not to her liking either.

Brooke said that her husband Corey Graves talks a big game but he couldn’t cut it.

That may have been the first tease for Graves wrestling again since he was cleared several months ago.

Corey Graves fired off a single middle finger emoji without any context.

He might have been replying to the pushback he received for those comments.

There is no way to tell, but the RAW commentator certainly felt the need to share that middle finger gesture with someone.

Carmella told R-Truth that she will help him win back the title and when the time is right she wants to fight Dana.