Danielson & Jericho had a conversation about Daniel Garcia, agreed to Garcia aligning with Jericho

The latest Talk is Jericho podcast focused on the Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, Jake Hager, Matt Menard, and Angelo Parker). The five members delved into the group's formation, how members were chosen, and related stories along the way.

Jericho approached Bryan Danielson about Daniel Garcia and had a talk with him. They agreed that Garcia would be a part of Jericho's construction. Garcia pushed himself into the discussion, recalling a conversation he had with Matt Menard and Angelo Parker.

He told them that if it was just him and Danielson as a team, he'd be fine with it, but if it included additional people like Wheeler YUTA and Lee Moriarty, he'd prefer stick with Parker and Menard.

Since the beginning of Danielson's public mention of Garcia, he has teased Parker and Menard about taking him from their three. Danielson, according to Jericho, is one of pro wrestling's best ribbers in terms of what he says to people.

Jericho mentioned a segment he did with Eddie Kingston at one point during the interview.

He went on to say that he would never create a promo like Kingston's because he believes Kingston's shows many red flags of what a promo should be, but that Kingston is excellent at what he does, which is why it succeeds.

Jake Hager is one of the most underappreciated talents in the AEW, according to Jericho. He claims Hager exceeds expectations with whatever he is given.

For a chunk of the conversation, the trio of Garcia, Menard, and Parker was discussed. Garcia turned down more employment from AEW before taking a full-time position with the organisation. He was told he had a pre-tape with Menard and Parker when he returned, but he had no idea who they were.

Continuing the story, Garcia claims that Tony Khan told him that the three of them would become an official trio. Garcia thought it was strange at first, but pretended to be enamoured with the concept.

Jericho commended Tony Khan's ability to pair individuals together while outlining the teams, sects, and groupings in AEW.

Following their departures from WWE, Matt and Angelo spoke on Jericho's podcast last summer. They made their AEW debuts shortly after recording, but Jericho was unaware of this. Matt and Angelo were both aware that they would be making their AEW debuts.