Blue Beetle Costume Revealed in DC Movie Set Photos

Jaime Reyes is going to join the DCEU, and his iconic Blue Beetle outfit has never looked better!

Warner Bros. has put a lot of effort into their upcoming Blue Beetle film, and it's clear from the first look at the complex costume in live action.

After 15 years of fantastic comics and a breakout appearance on the Young Justice animated series, director Angel Manuel Soto is working on bringing Jaime Reyes' fan-favorite Blue Beetle to life for a theatrical movie next summer.

Production began about two months ago in Puerto Rico and is currently being completed in Atlanta, where our first set pictures have just surfaced online.

As you can see in the images here, the outfit is both impressively comical and perfectly functional! We anticipate that Jaime's famous pincers will be added in post-production.

Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle in the comics, is frequently tried to compare with young legacy characters such as Miles Morales, but his distinctive alien tech suit also resembles Cyborg and Venom.

The sentient alien technology, like Venom, talks to him and sometimes even takes control without his permission!

Jaime is an El Paso-born Latino-American child. Jaime is anchored in layers of legacy, both in terms of literally carrying on the Blue Beetle mantle and in terms of carrying on his family's heritage as a second-generation immigrant in America.

Although he is frequently seen fooling about, Jaime is nevertheless anchored by family duties and his future goals.

Because of the financial security, a villain turns Jaime into his innermost fantasy, which is a dentist, in one iconic panel from his first run.

The first look at the upcoming DC film Blue Beetle does not disappoint, with Xolo Mariduea looking like a perfect fit for Jaime Reyes in one of the best superhero movie outfits we've ever seen!