Dead Space creator's sci-fi horror The Callisto Protocol is out in December

The Callisto Protocol, a very Dead Space-like sci-fi horror from Dead Space creator Glen Schofield

Will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC on December 2nd.

It takes place within the walls of the Black Iron prison colony on Jupiter's moon Callisto

And it's safe to assume that it's full of suffocating horror and "terrifying secrets."

Since its exciting 2020 revelation, we've only seen a single cinematic of The Callisto Protocol

so it's good to finally, fully see it in action courtesy of its brand-new release date video - which includes a smattering of gameplay

It appears to be wonderfully atmospheric, deliciously slimy material - and, sure, not exactly unlike Dead Space.

There's not much else to say about the game right now, but that will undoubtedly change as the game's December 2nd release date approaches.

One thing we do know, owing to recent confirmation from Schofield, is that The Callisto Protocol

which is being developed by Striking Distance Studios for PUBG publisher Krafton

Will no longer attempt to cram itself into the PUBG universe, which has always sounded like an extremely dubious notion.