Diablo 4 reveals disturbingly creepy Necromancer, confirms 2023 release date

During today's Xbox-Bethesda event, an extended gameplay trailer showcasing various new features was shown.

Blizzard announced today that Diablo 4(opens in new tab) will be out in 2023 with full cross-play

All platforms provide cross-play and cross-progression.

The date was confirmed alongside a new trailer depicting Diablo 4's fifth and final class.

The Necromancer is a type of necromancer. Enter a pallid, unapproachable individual.

Diablo 4 offers non-linear character advancement, unlike prior games in the series.

Nightmare Dungeons, specialised PvP zones, and open-ended customisation that extends through the endgame

Paragon Boards(opens in new tab) for character advancement beyond the maximum level.

These new features are also showcased in a new Diablo 4 gameplay trailer that was released today.

Strongholds, the open game environment, and more are all included. It appears to be rather lovely.

Diablo 4's brilliant team prioritises gameplay in everything they do.