Ethereum Price Predictions: Will the ETH Crypto Go Back Up?

The retreat is being partially blamed on a delay of a rule change regarding Ethereum's mining process

This morning, the price of Ethereum (ETH-USD) is plummeting

The decline is being attributed in part to a rumoured postponement of a change in the rules controlling Ethereum mining.

The outlook for Ethereum is a hot topic among analysts.

Ethereum (ETH-USD) is down 16 percent to $1,237 this morning, owing in part to the possibility of a deferral of a change in the regulations governing Ethereum's mining

Meanwhile, analysts are predicting a wide range of Ethereum prices.

According to Bloomberg, a move that will make it more difficult to mine Ethereum, limiting the number of miners, has been postponed.

However, plans to move Ethereum from its current "proof-of-work" standard to a greener "proof-of-stake protocol" in August are still on track

Concerns about interest rate hikes in the face of high inflation rates are another reason dragging Ethereum down.

GovCapital, on the other hand, is bullish, predicting that Ethereum will rise to $3,810 in the next year.

 The latter level was also the cryptocurrency's 52-week low.