Fifa: EA Sports to break away from football body

Video games publisher Electronic Arts says it is going to stop making Fifa branded football titles.

It is one of the most profitable brands in gaming history, but the cost of the licence was one reason

the decision was made to ditch the partnership.

EA will continue to make football video games, but from 2023 they will come under a new banner

Fifa says it plans to release its own rival games, saying: "The Fifa name is the only global, original title."

While the gameplay mechanics and core modes of play will be similar to what players have come to expect in recent years

this change will likely see the title offer a broader range of other experiences

TThe Fifa franchise has been so successful in part down to detailed licensing agreements

Allowed for accurate representations of team kits, players faces and stadia to be seen on screen.

Probably the easiest thing that we could have done would have been to maintain the status quo

Fifa has been an incredibly successful game over time.