Four killed in shooting at Tulsa medical building, police say

According to a police commander who characterised the situation as "catastrophic," four individuals were killed in a shooting at a Tulsa medical building on Wednesday.

The gunman, who reportedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, was not among the four persons killed, according to Eric Dalgleish, deputy chief of the Tulsa police department.

The cause of the horrific assault was unknown. During the incident, however, the unnamed gunman used both a handgun and a rifle, according to Dalgleish.

Authorities claimed police arrived three minutes after dispatchers received the call and made contact with the gunman one minute later. Multiple people were also injured, according to Capt Richard Meulenberg, and the medical complex was a "catastrophic scene."

Officials from the police department and the hospital said they were not yet ready to identify those who had died. On Wednesday evening, the motive and circumstances behind the tragic assault were still unknown. During the attack, the unnamed gunman used both a handgun and a rifle, according to investigators.

The governor of Oklahoma issued a statement on Twitter, calling the killings a "senseless act of violence and hatred" and thanking first responders for their "quick and brave actions."

"I've given Mayor GT Bynum whatever state resources he may require, and I urge all Oklahomans to rally behind the Saint Francis health system community," Kevin Stitt stated. The shooting is the latest act of gun violence in a country still suffering after the attack in Uvalde, Texas, last week.

In one of the bloodiest school shootings in US history, 19 children and two instructors were slain. A gunman in Buffalo, New York, was accused of killing shooting ten people at a grocery just days before. That shooter was charged with domestic terrorism and murder on Wednesday.

Tulsa resident Nicholas O'Brien, whose mother was in a nearby building at the time of the shooting, informed reporters that he had rushed to the site.

"They were shoving people out the door." I'm not sure if any of them were hurt or if they were harmed as a result of the shooting, but they couldn't walk very well. "But they were basically swaying and staggering their way out of there," he explained.

"I was a little jittery. So when I arrived and learned that she [his mother] was fine and that the shooter had been shot and was down, I felt a lot better. "What occurred is still horrific," O'Brien remarked.