Full teams and casters announced for OTK Smite Invitational

The organization's $100,000 Smite Invitational will feature performers and coaches.

On June 27 at 2 PM CT on MizKiff's Twitch channel, the eight teams will compete in a single-day tournament.

The tournament was first announced during OTK's first annual gaming exhibition.

The full roster for OTK's Smite Invitational is finally out,

This boasts some notable A-list talent in the world of content development.

Smit, Heizer, Solo DoubleJ, seasoned commentator F., and professional player will all appear on the programme.

The broadcast team will also include OTK co-owner and content producer Rich Campbell.

Each team will be coached and led by a team captain.

To fully enter the invasion complex, there would only be one flight as a flight.

However, all teams will be led by Smite experts and seasoned competitors in the MOBA arena.

Many participants will be playing Smite for the first time.