Hard Drive Apologizes to Elon Musk for Dunking on Him Too Hard

Hard Drive takes pride in providing our readers with witty, smart, and often scathing humour about video games and the society around them as a satire website

However, our goal does not absolve us of accountability, and we will always be the first to recognise when we have overstepped our bounds.

With that in mind, Hard Drive would like to express its sincere regret for dragging Mr. Musk so hard

 That not even his almost 100 million Twitter followers could spare him from being ratioed many times in the period of 20 minutes.

Elon Musk shared a screenshot of a woke Hard Drive article "Zodiac Killer Letter Solved by Opening it with VLC Media Player" on Twitter on May 30

Without providing a link to the corresponding article. The image was cropped to remove the Hard Drive watermark that appears on every one of our header images.

We regret not only for the clapback, but also for using it to relate to accusations that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sexually harassed a flight attendant by flashing his penis to her and offering to purchase her a horse.

We should have remained silent, much like the flight attendant Musk allegedly harassed

who was apparently given $250,000 by SpaceX in a severance agreement to remain silent on the claim.

Mr. Musk, we hope you will accept our sincere apologies. We should've known better than to go head-to-head with a billionaire known for his capacity to deliver tremendous clapbacks to his detractors

We've resolved to put aside trivial squabbles in the future and utilise our platform to raise awareness about issues that really matter.