Harini Logan, an 8th-grader from Texas, wins 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee in historic spell-off

The Scripps National Spelling Bee in 2022 ended in a way that none of the previous 93 competitions had.

Between Rounds 13 and 18, the final two competitors, Vikram Raju and Harini Logan, failed to correctly spell two words in a row.

At that point, the judges decided to hold the first spell-off, giving participants 90 seconds to accurately spell as many words as possible.

The one with the most spelled correctly would win the Bee.

Logan – an eighth-grader from Texas – spelled 22 words correctly, compared to Raju's 15, to become the 2022 champion.

The winning word this year was "moorhen," a medium-sized bird that is defined as "the female of the red grouse."

Logan, who is competing in her fourth national competition, said, "It's just so surreal, this is such a dream."

On Thursday, Logan, 14, almost didn't make it past the word meaning round. After her, she'd heard the terrible bell.

"'Wow, I'm out,' I thought. "This is it," says the author "Logan remarked. During a break, the judges conferred and decided that her answer may be correct, as it could mean "to breed" or "to swarm."

Head judge Mary Brooks announced the decision, and Logan, who had only learnt of her bad luck minutes before, returned to her spot on the stage.

Logan breezed through the rest of the spelling until she got stuck with Raju, forcing a spell-off.