How Soccer Succumbed to the Global Elite

Globalization, commercialization, and competition killed the romance of soccer

Creating the best competition in the world in the process.

People become conservative when they face loss, such as the sense of passing, dying, and death, according to philosopher Roger Scruton

Loss instils in them a need to hold, defend, and conserve things as they are, even if all attempts to do so are futile.

I was recently reminded of this when I found myself in the odd circumstance of being disappointed that a multimillionaire French soccer star had declined to join the world's most successful team.

Why did it matter to me that Kylian Mbappé chose to stay with Paris Saint-Germain rather than accept a deal with Real Madrid

A team I don't support or even like (and which is currently playing against my favourite team, Liverpool, in the biggest game in world soccer)?

Because his decision marked the end of something, and with it came the realisation that something was fading away

That item was European soccer's ancient hierarchy, romance, and glory, or rather my naive belief in it.

Creating the best sports competition in the world, which I will tune in to watch with my friends.

We'll be rooting for Liverpool and hoping they can beat those vile elitists from Real Madrid.