Internet is divided over Drake's new release

Every Drake fan was excited When they heard that Drake announced that he would be releasing a surprise album soon.

Two Drake albums in one year, No one has ever thought about it. It just become more fascinating.

On Thursday, Drake released his seventh studio album, titled "Honestly, Nevermind."

But this time reaction of  fans was not like everytime they do.

Usually, the Toronto-based rapper's album release use to produce a celebration like moment on the internet.

But on this occasion when the rapper is going to drop two albums in a same year, the celebration vibes were likely to be double or even more.

And honestly, when Nevermind dropped on Thursday night, the reaction of some fans are very similar to the anticipation.

But the new album didn't  go well with some of his fans.

They said that they were  hoping an album similar to Scorpion or Views but this is not likely to up to the mark according to them.

This has caused a fan war as the internet is divided into two groups now: - one who are enjoying and supporting the album and one who didn't like this album.

Both groups are creating or sharing memes in their favours and sharing on their respective  social media accounts.