Jennifer Lopez Says It's Time We Take Her Seriously

I'm looking for something genuine. Jennifer Lopez says to an NFL producer in her new Netflix documentary Halftime

She's angry up with executives who are attempting to delete footage of youngsters in cages from her Super Bowl presentation.

I'm trying to give you something more substantial than us shaking our fucking asses and fucking belly dancing

It's a very different tone from the smiling reality show judge, music video face-giver, and movie star we're used to seeing.

With 1997's Selena, she became the first Latina to be paid $1 million for a film role, and then set records with her album and film.

Selena made history as the first Latina to be paid $1 million for a cinematic role, and her album and film both set records.

However, she now wishes to be taken seriously. Since her Oscar snub for her appearance in the 2019 film Hustlers

She's talked about being viewed as a lightweight and how her crowd-pleasing work hasn't always earned critical accolades in the form of Grammys or Academy Awards.

It's just been 20, 25 years of people saying, 'She's not that wonderful.'

In the end, it's not so much that Halftime is a watchable picture as it is that Lopez's portrayal of a multimillionaire A-lister underdog is particularly sympathetic.

However, it's more compelling than most celebrity self-portraits because she's candid about feeling like one.