Josh Emmett edges past Calvin Kattar, demands shot at UFC featherweight title

John's case gets stronger in Saturday's UFC Featherwhite title shot

In the main event of UFC Fight Night in Austin, Texas, he won a split decision over Calvin Kattar.

Emmett attacks kattar with foot right arm and body shots in a five-round fight.

All three judges' scorecards were close.

Emmett was awarded a 145-pound fight 48-47 by two officers.

Emmett expressed confidence in the outcome after receiving a wide variety of fan scores on social media.

Saturday's bout resembled a boxing match in many ways.

The shots had visible weight behind them, even when Kattar stopped them.

Kattar's jaw was his best weapon which he used to constantly carry him throughout the fight

In the fifth, Emmett picks up his positions and blows up kattar with a combination

Emmett has won the last five games in a row.