K-pop band BTS unveil tracklists for their anthology album 'Proof'

21st-century pop icons BTS unveiled tracklists for their upcoming anthology album 'Proof'

The new album consists of three CDs that contain brand new tracks

CD1 starts with a remastered version of “Born Singer” which was unofficially released in July 2013

The CD consists of 19 tracks total, and ends with the lead single “Yet To Come

CD2 is a collection of 15 solo and sub-unit tracks

It opens with a new track “Run BTS” and reflects each member’s different color

Filled with 14 special tracks, the third CD is dedicated to their fans, ARMY

CD3 includes two unreleased tracks, “Young Love” and “Quotation Mark”

various demo versions of previously released tracks such as “JUMP,” “I NEED U,” “DNA” and “Young Forever”

The anthology album Proof celebrates the nine years of BTS’ journey since their debut, and opens a new chapter upon their 10th year as artists

The new album is slated to be released on June 10.