La Jolla Playhouse’s new musical ‘Lempicka’ to spotlight ‘epic’ woman

"She is brazen; she is someone who consumed life in a way that I wish I could replicate," Carson Kreitzer says of Tamara de Lempicka.

The late Polish-born painter who is the principal figure in "Lempicka," a musical that will open on Tuesday, June 14 at La Jolla Playhouse.

"Lempicka" was created by Kreitzer, who also authored the book and lyrics. Matt Gould co-wrote the narrative and composed the music, with choreography by Raja Feather Kelly and direction by Rachel Chavkin.

Eden Espinosa will reprise the role in La Jolla. Espinosa is also recognised for her roles in "Wicked" on Broadway and "Rain" at The Old Globe.

The musical's first single, "Woman Is," sung by Espinosa, is out and can be heard at

"I love her hunger for so many things, for beauty, for love," Kreitzer says of the women she writes about.

The show's first single, "Woman Is," is out and can be heard at

She fled during World War II to escape the German invasion and went to Los Angeles.

The show "verges on this delicious kind of greed that women are so often not allowed," Kreitzer said.

Kreitzer and Gould have been working on the project for more than a decade.

Kreitzer said she was most inspired by the way de Lempicka "became herself through this crucible of struggle, and if not for calamity and ... revolution and having to flee her homeland and be a refugee and start again … she would not have become a painter or … the artist that she became."