Legacies Recap: Did the Series' Final Battle Just Claim Its First Casualty?

Legacies is doing everything it can to push those limits. The human body can only withstand so many emotions at once.

Given that Thursday's episode was the third-to-last in the series' history (#SaveLegacies! )

Viewers were already torn between "I still can't talk about it" and "irreversibly destroyed" before it even started

What happens at the end? There are no words to describe it.

Cleo utilised her prophetic skills to spy on Ken, unaware that she was also forging a relationship between herself and the wrath god Tomorrow Person.

Worse, Nightmare on Elm Street rules apply, so if you die in the mental bridge... well, you know what happens next.

While there's no certainty that Kaleb will stay dead, considering some of this week's other events, his death was nevertheless heartbreaking to witness. Let's hope for a quick resurrected!

Then again, Kaleb may not be the only major character being sacrificed by the time this is all over.

She not only has the ability to syphon Ken's magic at a key point

While Alaric was ready (even pleased!) to play martyr in the Super Squad's big plan to stop Ken, Vardemus' magical probability device pointed to Lizzie as the best alternative.

She not only has the ability to syphon Ken's magic at a key point, but she also has the best chance of surviving the blast as a heretic.