Liberal Party text alert warns voters about 'illegal boat' interception

Voters in multiple electorates across the country received the message.

According to the AEC, the text message meets the standards for authorization.

It comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated this morning that an unlicensed Sri Lankan vessel was seized on its route to Australia.

Benjamin Moffitt, a senior lecturer in politics at the Australian Catholic University, said the text messages were "dirty" and "reeked of desperation".

A party spokesperson confirmed the Liberal Party sent the message.

As an example, Dr. Moffitt cited the 2001 election and the Tampa incident.

when the Howard government's refusal to accept the passengers seeking asylum after being rescued by a Norwegian tanker became pivotal to the election.

A voter in Bennelong, Gerard Mathews, told the ABC that he believes the SMS message was sent to terrify electors.

He told the ABC, "My immediate instinct was that it wasn't from the Liberal Party because it felt underhanded."

"I believed the story was entirely made up, but then I went online and found it."

"The website linked in the message is appropriately licenced, and fits our rules for SMS messaging," according to an Australian Electoral Commission representative.