LIV Golf rules, explained: The biggest differences vs. PGA Tour include shorter rounds, teams & shotgun starts

The LIV Golf era has officially begun with the completion of the first round of the London event on Thursday.

Fans have been accustomed to the PGA Tour and the traditional stroke play that it entails for many years.

The LIV Golf London event, on the other hand, featured a fresh format.

Teams, three rounds, and a distinct payment system are all part of LIV.

The fact that there are only three rounds is perhaps the first thing fans will notice when looking at the LIV Golf schedule.

Fans can expect four rounds of golf on the PGA Tour.

Cuts may have the greatest impact. Most PGA Tour tournaments have over 100 golfers

And the four-round format allows for an easy cut halfway through the tournament.

The scoring in both leagues is identical. The LIV Tour uses straightforward stroke play over 54 holes

While the PGA Tour uses 72 rounds, with the winner being the player with the lowest score at the end of the tournament.

The winner of the LIV Golf London tournament's individual part will receive $4 million, while the last-place finisher will receive $120,000.