Love conquered all’: Biloela welcomes home Nadesalingam family after four years

The Nadesalingam family has arrived in Biloela, more than four years after the Australian Border Force abducted them from their home.

Priya sank to her knees and worshipped the earth as the family walked out of Thangool airport on Friday.

Supporters sobbed as they hugged the family and offered two toy cockatoos to Tharnicaa and Kopika.

Perhaps the most well-known example of Australia's brutal treatment of asylum seekers is the Tamil family.

Border force agents gave them 10 minutes to pack before removing them from their house in a 5 a.m. raid in March 2018, and they were taken to immigration detention in Melbourne.

An attempt to deport the family to Sri Lanka was thwarted in 2019 by a last-minute court injunction

Their plane was intercepted in Darwin, and they were sent to the Christmas Island detention centre, where they remained two years.

Tharnicaa suffered sepsis and required immediate medical attention, so the family was relocated to Perth last year.

Three members of the family were granted one-year visas

The newly elected government has announced that interim protection visas will be phased out

Allowing 19,000 people to apply for permanent status.