‘Married at First Sight’ Season 14 Finale Recap: Which Couples Are Still Together After Decision Day?

Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette Divorced is the final relationship status.

As the cast gathers to discuss how Decision Day went, Alyssa says, "I just hope everyone else's marriage lasted a little bit longer than mine."

Michael Morency and Jasmina Outar Final Status of Relationship: Still Together

"I've always stated that I'd never quit any type of relationship unless I gave 100 percent, and I can't claim that I gave 100 percent till I try after this,"

Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson Relationship Finale

Finale Relationship Status: Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy are still together.

Lindsey Georgoulis and Mark Maher Finale: We're still together

"From here, the future looks so bright, I think it'll be a fantastic life ahead," Mark says.