Justin Bieber says he has facial paralysis from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, cancels more shows

Justin Bieber has stated that he suffers from a rare neurological disease that prevents him from blinking or smiling on the right side of his face.

The 28-year-old said in an Instagram video that he was cancelling gigs due to his treatment for Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

For anyone who are disappointed by the upcoming show cancellations, I'm simply not physically capable of doing them.

Symptoms include facial paralysis or weakness, a rash on the ear, hearing loss, tinnitus, dry mouth and change or loss of taste.

Antiviral medicines and corticosteroids can be used to treat Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a rare but serious condition.

It is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox and shingles.

Facial paralysis or weakness, an ear rash, hearing loss, tinnitus, dry mouth, and a change or loss of taste are all symptoms.

For some people, however, facial paralysis and hearing loss might be permanent.

Bell's palsy, another illness that causes facial paralysis, is similar to Ramsay Hunt syndrome, but it is worse.

NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello was diagnosed with Bell's palsy last year.