One of the greatest lessons from NBC’s hit show ‘This Is Us’

The hit NBC drama "This Is Us" has ended, but not before casting a light on caregiving, family connections, dementia, and life's tiny moments.

Over the course of six seasons, the show, which followed the Pearson triplets, their parents, and later, their children, taught numerous lessons.

The most recent episodes placed a strong emphasis on caring for elderly or sick family ones.

In "This Is Us," Rebecca Pearson, played by Mandy Moore, suffers from dementia and appoints one of her three children as the final decision maker if her husband is unavailable. She eventually dies of old age and disease.

Pearson's second husband (her first husband, Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia, dies in a fire when their children were teenagers) cares for her as long as he physically can, but quickly deteriorates and dies due to her dementia.

In all cases, the triplets must have uncomfortable discussions with one another, their spouses, and Pearson's husband about the proper care she need.

Pearson had several, often difficult discussions with her children when she was first diagnosed with dementia regarding the best therapy for her illness and whether or not she was willing to take part in experimental trials.

The show displayed how surprising the job of caregiver can be, how it can significantly alter caregivers' lifestyles, and when it is appropriate to seek support.

In an episode of "This Is Us," the triplets debate who would care for their mother when her husband passes away, with one son eventually moving in with his wife.

When Pearson's husband begins to slow down due to his own health difficulties, the triplets sit him down and persuade him to hire health aides to care for both of them, despite his initial reluctance.

Talking openly about these topics is stressful emotionally, but experts say it can make a tremendous difference when that care is eventually necessary.