‘P-Valley’s Nicco Annan & Brandee Evans Tease Season 2: ‘New Dreams’, Drama & More

Season 2 of P-Valley begins in extraordinary circumstances. The critically praised series takes up months after the season 1 finale, and The Pynk's dynamics have shifted since Hailey's heroics.

Nicco Annan and Brandee Evans speak with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the escalating power struggle between Uncle Clifford and Hailey at The Pynk and more.

Mercedes' connection with her mother was shown to be extremely difficult in the first season.

In season 2, P-Valley goes "back in time" to present "some backstory on Mercedes and Patrice and where this tension and poison comes from in a sense," according to Brandee.

It'll be heavy, but I'm excited for the audience to watch it, and I believe it'll help you understand both of those characters a bit more."

The romance between Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda hit a big hitch at the end of the first season, and there will be more friction between these two in the future. When Season 2 began, Nicco stated that "there has been communication on one side."

"I think the path of seeing how those two characters could make their way back into each other's lives, and what it would mean if they were to be in each other's lives...

That's a part of the trip I believe we'll witness in season 2. But what happens at the end? I'm not sure. Nicco said, "It's in Katori's head."

The COVID-19 epidemic will be the focus of the series. The Pynk needs to come up with innovative ways to entertain its audience. "I believe it's incredibly authentic to what the world was going through," Brandee said of the show's handling of the pandemic to HollywoodLife

"You must devise new methods and conceive new dreams. As Uncle Clifford points out, there will be occasions when what you believed was going to happen won't because you'll have to do things differently.

We're going to see if Mercedes will ever get to dance again — forget the gym." STARZ broadcasts P-Valley.