Peaky Blinders Season 6 Filming Locations

Peaky Blinders season six, which is currently available on Netflix globally, was shot in locales around the United Kingdom

Including Scotland, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire, and more.

Find out which UK locations were utilised to represent Newfoundland, Boston, and other locations below

Tommy's mansion, Arrow House, is actually Arley Hall & Gardens in Cheshire, which he bought from an aristocrat in over his head in gambling debt between seasons two and three.

Viscount Ashbrook and his family live in this Grade II listed stately mansion, which was erected in the first half of the nineteenth century

This Grade II listed stately mansion, built in the first half of the nineteenth century, is home to Viscount Ashbrook and his family.

It's actually St George's Hall in Liverpool when Tommy walks through the lobby to his office at the House of Commons

Before having a seizure that develops as a terrible struggle with a Prussian soldier.

The exterior of Diana Mosley’s crescent when Ada visits her in Tommy’s episode three absence was filmed in Le Mans Crescent, Bolton.

The sequences in which Stephen Graham plays Hayden Stagg were shot on the Bramley Moore pier, and his office was a created set.

Stagg's desk contains a detail of the same brass tin that Tommy Shelby has on his desk — a present from Princess Mary to the soldiers who fought in WWI in December 1914