Peter Dutton at risk of losing Dickson to Labor’s Ali France in election wildcard

In an election night upset, Liberal stalwart Peter Dutton appears to be in danger of losing his seat to Labor's Ali France.

In the Queensland seat of Dickson, which Dutton has held for more than 20 years, Labor's Ali France has a 51 percent 2PP.

His loss would be a major setback for the Liberal Party, as the MP was widely regarded as the party's next leader.

The positive news for Labor continues in Lilley, where the ALP is expecting a 4% swing, putting Labor on a 2PP of 54.

But something we are interested in: the Liberal held seat of Chisholm in Victoria

With 5000 primaries counted, Labor are projecting 52 per cent 2PP.

Higgins, the former seat of Peter Costello, has also fallen to Labor tonight, with Michelle Ananda-Rajah taking out sitting Liberal MP Katie Allen.

Another surprise appears to be coming with the NSW seat of Bennelong coming home strong for Labor with 11,000 votes counted

ALP are predicting a 2PP of 54-46 to Jerome Laxale.

Despite the early good news, it’s not the clear Labor victory suggested by the earlier opinion polls.

“At the moment what I am seeing is a hung parliament,’’ the ABC’s Antony Green said tonight.