President Joe Biden fell of his bike

On Saturday, he fell off his bike during a ride near the Beach, Delaware, a White House official said.

Official reporters traveling with the President confirmed that No medical attention is needed, an he is fine.

And now the President will spend the rest of the day with his family.

Biden got a hit just when he was end the bike ride with first lady Jill Biden.

When Biden tried to stop the bike he hit his leg with the pedal while landing.

He said that he got his foot caught on the toe cage to the reporters traveling with him, and said that "I'm good."

He was then helped by US Secret Service agents after his fall.

The crowd cheered him when the he got back on his feet.

He is about to turn 80 this November.

He then talked with the crowd nearby for some minutes.

When a child in the crowd asked him that what it was like to run the country, Biden joked, "Oh, it's like any other job." "Some parts are easy, some parts are hard," he added.