Punk Rock Band Plays Ruby Soho To Ring At AEW Double Or Nothing

At AEW Double Or Nothing, Ruby Soho made quite an entrance.

During her walk down to the ring for her Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Final bout against former AEW Women's World Champion, Dr. Britt,

Baker D.M.D., punk rock band Rancid performed Ruby Soho's 'Ruby Soho' entrance theme.

Tim Armstrong, the lead singer [and guitarist] of Rancid, is joined by guitarists Lars Frederiksen, Brenden Steineckert, and Matt Freeman.

The song 'Ruby Soho' was published in 1995 and had nothing to do with the wrestler Ruby Soho.

Soho fought WWE under the Ruby Riott name until June 2021, when he was fired.

In September 2021, Soho would contract with All Elite Wrestling

Then, she change her ring name to Ruby Soho, and use the Rancid song as her entrance music.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. requested Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward perform her entrance song on her way down to the ring ahead of the aforementioned Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Final.

Both Baker and Soho had put quite a lot of physicality into the match as the two of them hit one another with the toughest hits they could manage

Baker ultimately was able to pin Soho following a quick reversal when Soho tried to pin Baker. So Baker ends up winning it all.