RaDonda Vaught receives three years probation on diverted sentence

The case has put a spotlight on how nurses should be held accountable for medical mistakes.

In March, a Nashville jury convicted RaDonda Vaught, 38, of criminally negligent homicide

 Abuse of an impaired patient for giving a 75-year-old woman a fatal dose of the wrong medication.

Charlene Murphey died in Vanderbilt University Medical Center's intensive care unit on Dec. 27, 2017, after being injected with the wrong drug.

Murphey was supposed to receive a dose of Versed

a sedative, but was instead injected with vecuronium, which left her unable to breathe, prosecutors have said

Meanwhile, nurses from around the nation are rallying to support her and urge the judge not to give her prison time.

Protesters trickled into Public Square Park two hours ahead of the sentencing

donning purple shirts that say "Nurse Strong. I stand with RaDonda.

As the sun rises, a group of protesters erect a large banner with the words, "We are nurses, not criminals

About 100 people were already at the demonstration site by 7 a.m.