Rebel Wilson’s bestie Hugh Sheridan reveals how she and new love Ramona Agruma met

Hugh Sheridan, Rebel Wilson's best friend, has revealed how he matched up the actress with her new lover, Ramona Agruma.

The 42-year-old said on Friday that she had met her "Disney Princess" in Agruma and shared a nice photo of the two.

Sherdian spoke with 2Day FM's The Morning Crew about the setup and why Agruma "lifts up" Wilson just hours afterwards.

He started by saying, "I'd been setting Rebel up with various individuals and Ramona up with various people."

"I'm a bit of a matchmaker in my own time, but Rebel and Ramona were both quite difficult.

Ramona is a brilliant woman who speaks several languages and is a wonderful European woman, and Rebel is a brilliant lawyer

"I was in New York and had just broken up with my ex when Rebel said, 'I can't image how terrible you must be feeling.' I've never experienced true love before.'

And I thought to myself, 'God, she's a tough one to crack.' Sheridan said, "And then I just thought, well, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place

It takes a strong man to stay with a woman who is that successful," the actor stated, adding that "it takes a strong man to stay with them and not feel envious and all that sort of stuff

Meeting someone from a reliable source, I believe, expedites things.

I know they are who they say they are, which is something you don't always know on [dating] applications