Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 17 “Torn”

As we approach into the final few episodes before the season finale on June 23

Walker returns from hiatus to plunge right into the rest of season 2.

Cordell is attempting to assist Twyla in finding a place to reside, and the two are together

Denise dials Cordell's number and urges him to come in with her.

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She requires them to go undercover in order to apprehend the person attempting to take over Serano's domain.

Twyla helps capture the man who is encircled by the Rangers, and Cordell, Twyla, and Cassie proceed to a horse sale where things are going down.

After that, Twyla and Cordell spend a lot of time together and even sleep with each other.

When Cordell arrives at the Side Step, Geri informs him she spotted him with Twyla

She also informs him that she has told his children about him and Twyla.

She apologises to Augie for the pain she has caused him, and Cordell begins to ease Augie into Twyla's presence

 Augie, on the other hand, says that the family is well and that he's glad they didn't state they were dating, which Twyla confirms, and Cordell looks upset and perplexed.