RHOA: Shereé accused of not paying her assistant; Fans say they believe it claiming she get's defensive

RHOA returned for another action-packed episode on Sunday night. The episode spilled a lot of tea, with different accusations being thrown.

This week, we saw Drew and Sheree get into a heated argument about an accusation made by Drew's assistant, Anthony.

Sheree found herself in the middle of a rumor just three episodes into the season, when Drew's assistant claimed that Sheree had not paid him.

Fans commented on Twitter that Sheree became defensive whenever the matter of her not paying was brought up. They went on to say that they believed it because of her reaction.

Drew and Sheree's assistant said that Sheree is not paying him, but that's not how Sheree got to hear the rumor. During a workout session, Marlo opened up and told Sheree.

Shocked by the accusation, Sheree questioned why Kandi had not come to her first. Later in the episode, Drew went shopping with her assistant to find out more about his accusations.

Assistant said, "Let me say this, I love Shereé deeply. That's one of my good, good girlfriends, but I had to cut off all business ties with her. We all know, and it's no shade, but she don't like to pay."

Drew, during her confessional, added that she had heard the same from multiple people. But that was the last we had heard about the rumor. During Kenya's daughter's birthday party, Drew brought it up again.

The RHOA star revealed that Anthony told her that he was her assistant, but had to cut ties with her because he didn't pay her.

She added that she wasn't sure about his accusation, because she didn't know Sheree. Sheree was quick to clap back at Drew.

Despite the countless rumors spread by Anthony, Drew revealed that he was on probation. The assistant allegedly also spread a rumor about Drew's husband's sexuality, which she said she didn't believe.