Say goodbye to Internet Explorer

The web or internet immediately became a thing of high priority in 1995 when Microsoft CEO Bill Gates claimed in a memo that "online advancements would shape the trajectory of our industry in coming future,".

Then Microsoft added Internet Explorer in the Windows 95 operating system free of charge and soon it grabbed browser market share due to its inclusion in Windows, the world’s most frequently used PC OS.

Since then, it has been 27 years now we have been using Internet Explorer.

But now the classic blue E and brilliant yellow swoosh are no longer going to available in coming time.

Finally time has come to say goodbye to Internet Explorer from your windows operating systems.

Now all those resources and technical assistance will be served by Microsoft Edge because the company is retiring Explorer just at the age of 26.

Microsoft edge is a new and enhanced web browser, according to the Microsoft. Microsoft has said that the Internet Explorer icons would be removed in a future Windows updates.

In the coming months the newer Microsoft Edge browser will be launched every time, when users will try to open Internet Explorer until it is removed fully.

Microsoft advised their  users of Internet Explorer to migrate to their newly launched Edge browser, because it is very enhanced and also available on smartphones and Linux, in addition to Windows just like the chrome browser.

In the Edge toolbar, a "Reload in IE mode" button will appear to switch Edge in Internet Explorer mode, and the browser will ask users if they want to open a page in IE(internet explorer) mode the next time.

Over a period of 30 days Microsoft Edge will automatically ask the users to ensure that if they still require IE mode for the site. Say goodbye to Internet Explorer