Stolen Generations survivor Aunty Lindy Lawler speaks on her path to healing for National Sorry Day

Aunty Lindy Lawler's earliest recollections are scarred by fear and suffering

Including being punished by having her four-year-old hand held over a gas flame on a regular basis by her government-appointed caregiver.

After being taken from her family, the 63-year-old Aboriginal elder, Yuin woman

Stolen Generations victim underwent horrible treatment for years.

Aunty Lindy and her identical twin sister were born in December 1958 at the David Berry Memorial Hospital in Berry, New South Wales' South Coast.

Their parents were told to take the twins back to the hospital for a check-up in May 1959, but when they arrived, the girls had vanished.

The twins were brought to Sydney's Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Ashfield Infants' Home

a convalescent facility during the next three years before being sent to a home in Narrabeen on Sydney's northern beaches in 1963.

Aunty Lindy admitted that she and her twin were terrified in the overcrowded house, where there was frequently insufficient food.

Aunty Lindy said her focus will continue on healing and building hope for the future on National Sorry Day in 2022.