Survivor 42 Recap: The Do or Die Twist Returns — Whose Fate in the Game Was Determined Entirely by Chance?

Perhaps Ghost Island 2 should have been the name of this season of Survivor.

Another shock from last season reappeared in Wednesday's episode

when Jeff revealed that whoever chose to compete in this week's immunity challenge could suffer penalties from the Do or Die twist. 

While most participants were put off by the prospect of losing the game due to luck of the draw

two (and only two) players chose to take matters into their own hands

Who portrayed Deshawn and who followed in his footsteps in Season 41? That will be discussed later.

Lindsay tells Jeff that she made a bad decision by playing, but Mike assures her that it was "a warrior thing" to do and that he supports her decision.

Omar declares his paranoia to be at an all-time high, while Drea informs Jeff and the rest of the gang that she has been watching them

She's been watching who's been conversing and who's been loitering around the water well

If there is even a vote tonight, she might be digging herself a grave.